Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trip to Willow Creek on the way to Gpa Earl's Ranch

Dad is high centered. The winch didn't work, so muscle Mark moved the machine

This is Dad making his final run up the snow drift.

The frogs were singing much louder than it recorded. This is a lake made by the overflow

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grandma is enjoying something at Cherry creek. Boy was it green all over.

This is an old boiler at a gold mine on Caribou Mtn. The thing looks like it exploded, (see the big gash at the rear of the boiler) That is heavy plate steel too.

This cowboy and others were driving cattle through our camping spot in Cherry Creek. June 2009

This is Mark crossing the deep stream at Caribou mountain. July 2009
This big tree must have come down in the last storm. We just about could not go around it especially in the 4 wheeler. I made it but it scraped the bags on the back of the 4 wheeler.

This is the creek we had to go across to go up to the mountain. It was about 80 feet across from one side to the other.